eDECK is about giving you the power to transform your house and achieve the look, design and function that you desire, without the pressure and worry usually associated with building and renovating.

At eDECK we believe that building shouldn’t be a stressful experience that taxes your relationships, your lifestyle and your wallet. It’s about growing your vision of a living space into a great home.

Homeowners often shy away from fulfilling their plans for a better home because they are daunted by the process. That’s why eDECK removes the pressure of organizing council approvals and manages architects and drafts-people for you. We have access to a network of the most reliable and accomplished trades-people in Australia and we will acquire and liaise with the plumbers, electricians, painters and tilers that will suit your project. You take the role of director as we build your plans into the real thing.

Whether you want:
• Timber
• Steel
• Concrete
• Brickwork
• Stainless Steel
• Glass

We specialize in quality workmanship and there is no limit to the materials to choose from. eDECK is licensed and fully insured for all the work we carry out and for all our trades-people.
So if you have plans for your home, and you want to make construction something that is easy and enjoyable, please contact us for a free inspection and quote.

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Blair McDonald

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